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UNIMOGS can be shipped to the East Coast, West Coast or the Gulf of Mexico. We make all of the shipping arrangements from Germany to the nearest port for the customer. With every Unimog, we provide a Bill of Sale, Vehicle Title and a Sea Waybill. These are the three documents required to import the vehicle into the US. We also provide the name and number of the steamship agent in the U.S. who will be handling the arrival of the vehicle.

It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange for any U.S. inland freight.
We cannot make those arrangements from Germany. For help on
U.S. inland shipping or for an online quote, try either Advantage Auto Transport or use the Shipping Cars Directory for state by state referrals.

Early morning photo at the port of Bremerhaven.
Many of our mogs ship with Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

RORO Shipping

Single vehicles are shipped as "roll on, roll off" items (RORO). Shipping prices are based upon the dimensions of the vehicle as measured in cubic meters. Below is a table of the most current rates. Prices are in USD. Vehicle dimensions are listed in the Vehicle Title. Multiplying the vehicle's height, width & length will give you the cubic meter measurement. The last column shows the rates for trucking the vehicles from our shop up to either the port of Emden or Bremerhaven, both of which are about 700 kilometers from our location. To calculate your shipping costs: multiply the the vehicle's cubic meter size x the rate to port, then add the appropriate inland trucking charge, e.g., a 406 to Houston, Texas would cost (20 x 100) + 880 = $2880 USD. There is an additional charge of $200 for documentation fees — export documents, etc. The total in this example would be $3000 USD.

Vehicle Type East Coast Gulf of Mexico West Coast Trucking to Port (Germany)
Unimog 406 std. / DoKa, circa 20 cbm $90 per cbm $100 per cbm $115 per cbm $800
Unimog 416 / 404 Pritsche, circa 24 cbm $90 per cbm $100 per cbm $115 per cbm $800
Unimog 404 Radio Box / Fire Truck, circa 27 cbm $90 per cbm $100 per cbm $115 per cbm $900
Crane Unimog, 30-40 cbm (wheel-base & crane size vary) $90 per cbm $100 per cbm $115 per cbm $1,200

Please note, not every port handles RORO vehicles. Some ports are container ports only. A container is not cost effective unless you are shipping two or more vehicles in a 40-foot high cube container. We always try to ship to the nearest port for the lowest price. Please contact us for information regarding the nearest RORO port to you.
We can now also ship to Australia, including: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Fremantle. Contact us for rates.


In RORO shipping, the Classic Unimogs (80's and older) can only be insured against total loss. Due to the age of the vehicles, insurance for theft and/or damage is not available. Insurance for total loss is 0.5% of the Bill of Sale, with a $100 minimum. When we provide our customers with a shipping quote, the price does not include insurance coverage. Insurance is provided upon request only.

Import Duties

Questions always arise regarding import duties. They can vary anywhere from 2.5% of the Bill of Sale to 25%. Examples: a 406 DoKa
is usually designated as a vehicle designed to carry passengers and therefore falls into the 2.5% tariff category. A 404 Pritsche (flat bed) is designated as a vehicle designed to carry cargo and therefore falls into the 25% tariff category. Unimogs with a crane are considered "rolling cranes" and are exempt from duty. This information is based upon what customers have reported to us. We are not import experts.

For more information on the US International Trade Commission's import tariffs on vehicles, click on the link for the latest Tariff Schedule. It is in the format of a downloadable PDF file. For the table of contents for all of the Tariff Schedules, click here: Table of Contents. Chapter 87 is the relevant vehicle section.

Vehicle Titles / US Registration

Every vehicle we sell comes with the original vehicle title — Fahrzeugbrief for German vehicles and Fordonsidentitet for Swedish vehicles. We never sell a vehicle without a valid title. We always mail to the buyer — via registered air mail with a tracking number — the Vehicle Title and a Bill of Sale, plus a copy of the Sea Waybill. We write the Bill of Sale in English. The German Fahrzeugbrief is in German and is not translated. The Swedish Fordonsidentitet is in Swedish and is not translated. These documents are required by every DMV in order for a buyer to register his vehicle.

It should be noted that the Vehicle Titles rarely have our names on them, that is, our personal names or Classic Unimogs. In Germany, a buyer's name is only put on the Vehicle Title when the buyer registers the vehicle. As we buy vehicles for re-sale purposes only, we do not register them. When we pick them up or deliver them to port, we drive them with dealer plates. The vehicles do not need to be registered. We put this information here, as it has come to our attention that some DMV's in the US questioned why the owner's name on the Vehicle Title did not match the name on the Bill of Sale. This simple explanation should suffice. To date, every one of our buyers has successfully registered their Unimog or Volvo in their home state.

Click here for information about Parts Shipping.

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