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We do not deal in a lot of Unimog parts. We ship various spare parts in a customer vehicle, upon request. Or should any of our existing customers need spare parts for repairs, we will try to source them and mail them as economically as possible. In addition, we specialize in off-road parts like crawler gears, PTO's and winches. Smaller Unimog parts are boxed up and sent via the Deutsche Post. Crawler gears, for example, can be mailed anywhere in the continental US for 64 Euro. This standard shipping rate is no longer insured. The weight limit for postal shipping is 20 kilos (44 pounds). Delivery time is approximately 4 weeks. Premium shipping (air mail) is 135 Euro and takes up to 10 days.

Other options are available, i.e., Federal Express and UPS, however, the prices are higher. Delivery time by these carriers is 3 to 5 days.


Winches have to be either crated or strapped down to a small pallet (Euro pallet). They can either be air freighted or sent in a consolidated container shipment. Air freight is between 800 and 1000 Euro. Shipping via consolidated container is more economical. The consolidated container cost is about 60% of the air freight cost. Consolidated container prices are to the port only. Customers must pick the item up at the port, or arrange for inland delivery.

Click here for information about Vehicle Shipping and Import.

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