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Below are photos from Unimog Treffen in the Saarland
- Bexbach and Herchweiler - in the Summer and Fall of 2002.

Below are photos that were sent to us by Dr. Sehsuvar Sismanoglu of Turkey. He liked our Web site and wanted to share photos of his unique conversion. He started with a standard 2-door Unimog 406.

An original drawing of his idea for a 5 door mog. It also shows winches front and rear.

They used used DoKa doors for the rear doors. It was originally a standard 2-door 406.

Here is the ultimate 5-door utility vehicle. He says it took 4 years to complete.
These are photos from a family outing in Turkey. The Dr. says he uses it as a daily driver, as well as for family outings. We think he did a fantastic job. Thank you for sending us the photos!

Below are photos scanned from our collection of Unimog brochures.

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