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Updated 22 April 2010

Unimog Support Directory USA &
4WD Magazine's Coverage of Mogfest 2005

Below are PDF files of two documents provided to us by Michael Hiscox, a Classic Unimogs customer. The first document is a Unimog Support Directory put together by Michael himself. It is nice support material for moggers in the USA. The second document (in separate PDF files) is an article written by 4WD magazine covering Mogfest 2005. It is a terrific review of a variety of off-road vehicles, including the Unimog, the Pinzgauer and the Swedish C303 / TGB 11 series. The Unimog Michael purchased from Classic Unimogs is also featured in the article. Enjoy. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click here if you need it.

Unimog Support Directory:
  • Directory - Classic Unimogs is listed under Professional Support.

4WD Magazine: Mogfest 2005 European Off-Road Iron
  • Page 1 - Intro
  • Page 2 - Austrian Iron Horses: Pinzgauers
  • Pages 3/4 - Unimog Camper Conversions (M. Hiscox's unique Unimog is featured here.
  • Pages 5 - The Swedish Approach: c303 & TGB 11
  • Page 6 - The Swedish Approach continued
  • Page 7 - Mog-based Rock Crawlers

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