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Installing and Operating Crawler Gears on a Unimog 404


  • Drain the transmission oil first.

  • Remove the bottom plate, and shifter boot assembly inside
        the cab.

  • Install the shifter shaft in the creeper box. Then install the shifter     shaft tube (2 bolts) with its gasket. Put red silicone on both sides     of the gasket.

  • Bolt on the crawler gear assembly.

  • Use red silicone sealer on both sides of the gasket.

  • Re-use the original bolts from the gear housing, plus the two long     bolts supplied with the assembly. The bolt with the seal washer,     (with the red dot) goes on the inner location (the hole with the red     dot).

  • Install the shift lever at about 2 o'clock in the driving direction.

  • Cut a slot in the shifter boot and reinstall it over the shifters.

  • Refill the transmission oil to the proper level on the dipstick.


  • Crawler gears will only work in 1st and 2nd gear, forward.

  • First shift the forward-reverse shifter to neutral - between forward
        and reverse - then engage the crawler gears.

  • After that, shift into 1st or 2nd gear... and off you crawl!

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