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Welcome to Classic Unimogs / Classic 4x4
The Site for Unimog, 4x4 and Off Road Enthusiasts

Here at Classic Unimogs, we specialize in the classic Mercedes Benz Unimog models 404, 406, 416, and the Unimog 1300L crew cabs. We also offer the Mercedes Benz GD 250 Wolf, VW Iltis and the Swedish military Volvo's:  models C303 / TGB 11 and the C304 / TGB 13.

Classic Unimogs and other off-road vehicles built before model year 1985 can be imported into the US as they are DOT and EPA exempt. (However, some states have changed their laws regarding registration. Please check with your home state for the latest ruling.) For Australia, the vehcle must be 1989 or older, and for Canada, 1994 or older. We can ship from our location in SW Germany to many ports worldwide. To learn more about sea freight see our Shipping page.

We welcome all Unimog and off road enthusiasts to our Web Site.
At Classic Unimogs we can find you a unique, quality vehicle at a fair price. Browse our site and send us an e-mail with your inquiry. We also have a large photo gallery and FAQ pages for your enjoyment.

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